smirk & dagger games 'cause games are a lot more fun when you can stab a friend in the back. 'cause games are a lot more fun when you can stab a friend in the back.
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"Nominated Best Card Game of 2004 - Inquest Gamer"

"Nominated Best Card Game of 2004 - Origins Awards"

BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER with a Revised and Expanded Edition!


HEX•HEX™ is a fast-playing, stand-alone card game for 3-6 people. Players hurl Hex after Hex around the table, constantly redirecting, deflecting and altering the Hex’s power until finally someone runs out of options and becomes HEXED.

In the end, the winner alone will command enough Voice to control the group and lay down the law... creating a new rule for the next game.

The new base game, Hex•Hex XL, includes all of Hex Hex 1.5 as well as the best of Hex Hex Next --PLUS 2 ALL NEW play variants and bits to go with 'em that add a lot of excitement to game play.

The variant Hex Hex Vexed includes 25 new 'law' cards and 12 new tokens -- and
is perfect for a one-game sitting, where you want to see a few classic HEX•HEX
‘Laws’ come into play DURING play. Each Hex cast becomes a specific type of Hex
– that delivers a curse upon all the players who become Hexed that hand.

The other variant, Hexen Stix, adds a lightning-fast reflex element to game play
– a ring of hexagonal shaped obelisks that mete out penalties for those who do
not rise to the challenge quickly enough in grabbing them and can reward those
who do.

Okay, that's what it says on the box... what's it really like?
Fast and fun. This game is all about non-stop player interaction. Every card you play is an attack or a back-stabbing tactic. A good amount of the rules are right on the cards so there's a small learning curve (one game ought to do it). After that, it is pretty simple to play. Heck, even your non-gamer friends will enjoy it. A single hand lasts from 3-5 minutes. A game from 20-30 minutes. But more often than not, groups play sessions running 3-5 games long as players create new and different ways to be ‘mean’ to each other. (check our list of favorites) It's no strategy game. But if you're looking for a great 'beer & pretzels' style game with a fun mean-streak. This is it.

For those who already know and love the game, new and previous fans alike have told us that they couldn't imagine playing the game without the variants now. We think that says it all.

Game and Graphic Design: Curt Covert

Players: 3-6
Ages: 14 and Up
Playing Time: 20-30 Min.

MSRP: $37.95
Product Identification Code: S&D 0004

Hex Hex Resources

  • Rules Download
    Lose the rules or want a little preview? Here are the HEX•HEX rules in PDF format.

  • FAQ Download
    Sometimes the rules are not enough. Frequently asked questions… answered. PDF file.

  • Extra Token Download
    Low Resolution - Part 1 | Part 2
    High Resolution - Part 1 | Part 2
    You can never have enough tokens. Printable versions for your color printer in PDF format so
    you can make your own.

  • Favorite 'Laws'
    You win, you get to Lay Down the Law. Here are some of our favorites gathered from gamers like you. Got a few great ones from your last session? Submit ‘em and share ‘em with us all.

  • Card List/Rarity
    How many of each card is there? Don’t want to count ‘em yourself, we did it for you.

  • Official HEX HEX Tournament Rules
    Got a convention? Got a store? Don’t have an official Smirk&Dagger Instigator present to run a
    tournament? Here’s how to do it yourself. It’s easy – and it’s a blast! Remember to contact us
    about supporting your event!

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Rules Download
FAQ Download
Extra Token Download
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