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Smirk and Dagger Games supports racial and intersectional equity, and we strive every day to do right and be better.

We listen and learn from those with different backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences to help inform our actions. Because we believe discrimination, even in its subtlest form, has no place in our society, our community nor around the game table and we stand firmly with those who endeavor to effect change.

It's the rush of knowing they haven't even seen it coming.

You can't help but smile - just before you twist 'em up and put the screws to them. We're Smirk & Dagger™ Games.

And we know why you play games. It's the same reason we do. We love to taunt. To instigate and watch the sparks fly. We love 'opportunity fire' and the taste of revenge. We know games are a lot more fun when you can stab a friend in the back. And we've built our company on it... 'cause, hey, it's just a game. 

The man behind the games.

Curt Covert – Owner

Curt is the founder, creative force and jack-of-all-trades at Smirk & Dagger. In an alternate universe, he’s an art director, a copywriter, a marketer and a concept director. Not a bad tool set to marry with his long standing passion for gaming or his desire to bring new and exciting ways ‘to smile menacingly, turn on your friends, and smack ‘em around–all in about an hour’.


You can e-mail Curt  directly right here with any questions on rules, products, our demo team, moral dilemmas, or other questions of great magnitude.

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