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Run For Your Life, Candyman!



If fights are gonna break out, it ought to be between gingerbread men - not players. Hope this clears any grey areas up...


Last Update 7/25/05


1. Though not stated in the rules (because we thought it obvious at the time) the board spaces are named as follows:

Ju Ju (Purple Gumdrop), Peppermint Swirl (red and white round swirly candy), Gumball (pink sphere), Candy Corn (God help you if you didn't guess this one), Hard Candy (the green and yellow wrapped candy) and Chocolate Bar (the brown brick that says 'Hearse'

on it)


2. Strategy Tip:

The importance of being able to move backwards along the track was not fully highlighted in the rules. Yeah, you could move one baby step forward - or you could leap backwards instead and smack some people around. A better move all around and a lot more fun! Also, if someone has a runaway lead, you can move back or even hover around a Candy Cage Match space until you can manage to pull them back into the match.


3. So, if I have a double candy card for movement, can I jump forward and then back or vica versa?

You bet.


4. Someone is still on a Candy Cage Match space and now I land on it. I call a third person into the space. What happens?

It's a three way match, call who you want to swing at before drawing a card and rotate around. If one of you leaves, the other two still duke it out til another escapes the match.


5. So by putting points 3 & 4 together... say I get out of a Candy Cage Match with a double Ju Ju. I can jump out and back - and pull a third gingerbread into the match!

You got it.


6. If I use a double to move forward and back and pass a player more than once, do I get a shot at him twice?

Nope. The rules state one attack per player per turn.


7. Really? That stinks.

That's the official ruling - but mutually agreed upon house rules are fair game. Multiple attacks per turn and three damage instead of two damage when Candy Cage Match is drawn in combat are popular house rules. Just be clear up front.


8. I pulled a character card when attacking. Can I split the two damage to different vital areas?

Nope assign two blocks of damage to a single area.


9. Our 'race' was more of a death match instead. I am the last man standing.

Do I win? Or do I still have to cross the finish line?

Excellent question. Unless your group just flat out conceeds to you (and good luck with that), you must cross the finish line. To expedite the conclusion to the game, you may start your next turn on the first space in the danger zone-and don't forget to take your four attacks before drawing a card for movement.


10. I played Candyman at Origins and you guys had events featuring real gingerbread men for status sheets and frosting gel to mark off damage on your cookie. Love biting off the limbs! Where did you get the cookies?

Little Debbie makes pre-packaged gingerbread men cookies and they are sold in the bakery aisle (not the cookie aisle) of your favorite grocer. The frosting (and decorator
gel works best) can also be had at any grocer in baking supplies.

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