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Run For Your Life, Candyman! REVIEWED


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From: Diversions Online .... CJ DeSilvey

General Talk - Review - Run For Your Life, Candyman!

Troll - Jul 21, 2005 - 09:27 PM

Post subject: Review - Run For Your Life, Candyman!

Today, we look at another twisted development by Curt Covert and the fine people over at Smirk And Dagger, Run For Your Life, Candyman! A quick game-ography of Smirk And Dagger will remind you that these are the same twisted people who brought us the Dead Hand Chaos Poker deck and devilish and diabolic Hex Hex card game, so we were more than excited to try this puppy out. So when we came back from Origins with a copy of this game under our arms, we had more than enough willing victims for it!

A quick story overview first: All was peaches and cream in the land of Candy until the most horrible event happened! Self-awareness! The gingerbread people of the land of Candy found out they were being sold out to greedy, sticky-handed, grubby little children everywhere, and were aghast, aghast I say! So in true rebel fashion, our brave baked warriors have decided to escape the land of Candy and leave into the great beyond! But this game teaches us, do unto others....and do....and do....and DO! First one out wins, and the twins take the rest!

Game Mechanics: Bear with us's, COME BACK! I said bear with us....yes, this is Candyland, but it's a sick, twisted, perverted parody of Candyland. Truthfully, if this hadn't been a Smirk And Dagger game, we might have given it a pass, but Smirk And Dagger have had a fine track record and this is no exception. For the few of you that have lived a childhood unpriviliged enough not to have played Candyland, a quick overview. Starting at start, you have a race track with each space corrosponding to a candy or candy personality. Each turn you draw a card from the deck and move to a space corrosponding to the candy or candies pictured on the card. If the picture is that of a candy personality, move to that space, no matter where it is in relationship to you, immediately. Simple enough, yes? But now we get twisted. Each player gets a status sheet with the six parts of their gingerbread person, each corrosponding to a piece of candy (for example, the head is peppermint candy) and with each piece having six points of damage. Every time you pass a player on the track, draw a card and deal one damage to the corrosponding part or parts shown on the card. Deal six points to any section and the player rips that piece off and gives it you as a trophy! As you might, imagine this gets quite bloody! Also, at the beginning of the game, you flip a candy card to see what the "special treat" is. Everytime you draw a movement card and get that candy, you draw a special treat card allowing you to lay into their candy asses with effects such as "Krunch Bar", "Red Hot Foot", "Atomique Fireball", and the extremely nasty arm-rending, heart-tearing "Ginger Snap". Needless to say, these cards will not endear yourself to your opponents. Add the pure raw fury of the "Candy Cage Matches" on the board, or trying to sneak by the fury of the four attacks of the "Twins" at the end of the board, and this defintiely ain't your kids candy game! All you have to do to win is get a piece, any piece, of your body over the finish line. Great joy is had by the winner who sneaks over a single leg for the win! While the game is, of course, derivitive of the original game, Run For Your Life, Candyman! has more than enough turns and twists to make it a nostalgic entity unto intself.

Presentation: I had heard that Smirk And Dagger had originally planned this to be a black and white production. Kudos for them in choosing to go for a full color presenation. A colorful board with figures such as the "Bad Jujus" and "Con Dias" the pinata make this board a real treat. The cards and other pieces are made of a good sturdy card stock that will last out many, many gaming sessions. While the amount of record sheets included in the game is a bit on the weasley side, the fine folks and Smirk And Dagger have thought to reproduce the sheets on the back of the instruction book for copying. A fantastic, and much-needed idea guys. I don't want to to tell you how many of the sheets we've gone through already. And the instructions themselves, are well laid out, easy to understand, and are aestetically pleasing. The only fault I can point to in the presentation is that the box insert itself is a little on the flimsy side and broke on us quickly, but if this is the largest fault I can find, so be it!

Replayability: We can't understand it....this game shouldn't be this much fun...yet it is. The random aspect of the special treat makes each game different enough. And let me tell you, having people screaming during a game of Candyland complaining that someone else took one of the heads they were collecting is enough to keep me playing over and over. We hope that Smirk And Dagger might want to create a add-on, or post it to the website with maybe different gingerbread men layouts (Juju's for the head for one for example) and maybe some extra special treat cards for later.

Overall: Weird Al Yankovic has proven one thing over and over: Clever parody not only sells, but is a joy to many. Curt Covert was most definitely listening to that lesson. Run For Your Life, Candyman! is nostalgic, clever, fun, and downright nasty to the core. I most heartily approve. Here's hoping that we keep seeing more clever Covert creations, and perchance that this may be only the first in a line of Nasty Nostalgics to come. One only wonders what treatment could be given to Snakes And Ladders or Hi Ho Cherry-Oh!

Final Score: 8 out of 10


Mox - Jul 23, 2005 - 01:03 AM
Post subject: There's just nothing in the world quite like starting up a Candy Cage Match and getting a chant going of "Two men enter! One man leaves!"

You know, Dan might be onto something. Could you imagine playing this game with ACTUAL gingerbread men? I think it would be hysterical.

I don't understand my sick addiction with this game.....


Run For Your Life, Candyman!

From Gaming 7/30/05

Run For Your Life, Candyman!

A lip-smacking, and smacking-down board game of candy carnage
From: Smirk & Dagger Games

Reviewed by: Marc Shayed


Run For Your Life, Candyman! is a new satirical board game of candy combat from Smirk & Dagger Games. In this game of sweet-toothed slaughter, players are attempting to escape form the Candy Kingdom, and the clutches of their would-be eaters. It is very similar to the classic game “Candyland”… kinda… and is bright and cheery just like “Candyland”… sorta… ah… well… um… not really.


Unlike “Candyland, this is no ordinary race to a happy finish, it is every gingerbread man for himself in a fearsome ‘no-holds-bared’ (or weapons bared) running battle fraught with such dangers as “Grisly Gummies”, Lady I. Scream”… and “the Twins”.


But that is not all… In order to flee, you may need to soften up, blast, or cripple the other gingerbread men attempting escape the confectionary penitentiary. Whether it is with a “Jaw Breaker”, “Atomique Fireball”, or a “Licorice Whip” weapons are plentiful… an in the event that you have no weapons, you can always go for a “Candy Cage Match” , do some damage… and watch the cookies crumble!


The Basics:

The game board is a colorful candy track that takes a route twisting across the board from the factory to the end point past the ‘twins’. The spaces on the board are different candies, and the gingerbread icons move about by drawing cards that match the candy spaces.


  • If you draw a “hard-candy” you move to the next hard-candy spot either forward or backIf you land or pass another gingerbread man you may attack them. Each gingerbread man score sheet has six white boxes on each arm, leg, the middle of the torso, and the head. Each body part is associated with 1 type of candy, and when a player attacks another, he draws a candy card. For every candy depicted on the card, the player being attacked marks off the white boxes on the score sheet. When all the boxes on a body part a gone, players should tear that body part off.

    The first gingerbread man that gets across the end zone where the voracious Twins are, is the victor.

  • However, there is the ever-present threat that another gingerbread man may get their sugary hands on a yummy ranged weapon and attack from a few spaces away… or the calling of the “Candy Cage Match”! When a CCM card is drawn, the drawing player chooses another character to be summoned their spot and they start drawing “Dash N Bash” cards and doing damage to each other until a matching card is drawn that is the same as the space they are deliciously dueling on.

  • When all of a gingerbread man’s body parts are gone… they crumble to crumbs.

    So… what does Marc really think?
    Fun… Funny… and an easy game. There rules are extremely simple, the game play is quick, and the laughs are abundant… especially for those of us who played “Candyland” as a child.

  • The only “down-er” to the game, which is merely a matter of personal preference… is that due to the overtly humorous nature of the game, one really needs to be in the mood (as well as the other players) to get enjoyment out of it. Players need to go in to the game not really wanting to win, but to just have fun. Don’t expect fast turns, or everyone NOT to team up on you if you are ahead, and if you killed off… well… that’s the way the cookie crumbles.


    It is a silly game… it’s okay to be silly and enjoy it.

    I am happy to give ‘Run For Your Life, Candyman!’ a high recommendation!

    Above all I suggest you judge for yourselves. Check out Smirk & Dagger Games and
    their new board game of sweet candy savagery Run For Your Life, Candyman! at their website …and of course at all of your local
    game stores!


    Run For Your Life, Candyman!
    From: Smirk & Dagger Games
    Type of Game: Board Game
    Game Design by: Curt Covert
    Art by: Curt Covert
    Game Components Included: rules, game board, 6 gingerbread icons, 6 player icon stands, a pad of status sheets, 68 “Dash N Bash” cards, & 30 “Special Treat” cards
    Game Components Not Included: 1 pencil or pen
    Number of Players: 2 – 6 (4 – 5 work best)
    Player Ages: 12+
    Play Time: 30 – 40 mins
    Price: $ 29.95
    Item Number: S&D0030
    IBSN: 097464613-X
    Review Score: 8 out of 10 points (4 stars)

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