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DEEPER & DARKER introduces a set of one-use SPECIAL ABILITIES that are unique to each character. They confer enhancements that will either help secure a critical kill for that player or prevent you from being killed.


In addition, there are 15 New Encounters, which are a bit more challenging than the base set of creatures and really amp up the fun significantly.

TOMBS & TOMES follows in the footsteps of Relics & Ruins adding to the pool of EVENT CARDS and RELICS and delivering what may be the most deadly 15 new Encounters yet.


And to introduce all the fun new creatures, Relics and Events to players - our latest innovation. Two full blown, RPG-style ADVENTURE MODULES that add richness and depth to gameplay with a full story arc, added winning and losing conditions, a decision tree at every turn and a host of new activities between the Encounters. All one-shots, but they are a blast to play. 

RELICS & RUIN is a larger expansion which introduces a number of new mechanics to the game. The new EVENT DECK has the ability to turn familiar Encounters into whole new challenges.


In addition, it provides richer rewards. Some Event Cards indicate a Treasure has been found - but unlike the Items in the base game, these treasures must be earned - and have a unique set of conditions for each card. Those treasures are the next innovation - powerful RELICS which give the characters game changing abilities, many continuously active throughout the game. Then, there are the 15 new Encounters - and they are decidedly more deadly than ever.

Adventure Module

This is our second, double-sided Adventure Module for Cutthroat Caverns that uses a 'choose-your-own-path' style book to overlay an exciting new dimension to the game. The book comes with two all new Encounter Cards exclusive to this adventure, but fully usable in the core game as well.

Expansion Pack 4 & Battle Box

FRESH MEAT delivers everything fans have asked us for in the past five years: Custom Characters, an Ability Drafting System to create your own characters, New Main deck cards, more Relics, Events - and 23 new Encounters!


Plus, a giant size box that will store the entire line and all the contents!

Death Incarnate is an expansion dedicated to the coolest creatures in the game, the Incarnations. We've more than doubled the number of them in the game in this set, plus given you Relics and Events imbued with their powers. This is a 'not to be missed' expansion!


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