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Got a convention? Got a store? Here’s how to run a Hex Hex Tourney. It’s easy – and it’s a blast! Remember to contact us about supporting your event!


First off, HEX HEX plays best with more players (up to 6) so try to fill tables as best you can. Try to avoid a table of three for tournaments.


Each table plays a total of three full games. At the end of each game, the winner sets a new rule for the next game per the instructions in the box. (reinforce that the rule must effect all players equally and include a penalty (points, a discard, etc) for not following the rule if appropriate) Judges keep track of the players scores for each game. The highest cumulative score over three games is the winner for the table.


Having a judge for each table will help players keep multiple Hexes moving simultaneously by calling '', will assist in proper scoring and aid in determining who was up last when the HEX HEX card is played - and other field calls. Have judges read and understand the rules and our FAQ on-line so they can make more informed field decisions.


We usually give a prize to the winner at each table.

If time allows, bring the top one or two scorers from each table together for a finals match.


You may decide to add the HEXEN STIX variant to play for added excitement.

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