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Designed by Jeff Gum

Illustrated by: J Hause


SKU: S&D 0067

Bookland ISBN: 978-0-9746461-6-9 

Retail Price: $39.99


Players: 4–8

Ages 14 and Up

Time 40-60 min


Size: 11” x 11” x 4” two-piece box



(297) cards

(16) Character cards

(10) Agenda cards

Gameboard and tokens

Punchout Voting Pistol


Systems Critical. Life Support Failing. And some of the crew are NOT what they seem.


A thrilling semi-cooperative game of intrigue and survival in deep space. Adrift and powerless, your crippled vessel is bleeding oxygen. You must work together to restore power before the air runs out… but hidden among you, masquerading as loyal friends and crewmembers, are imposters who continue to sabotage the ship. Their only goal is to avoid detection and kill the crew, by force or by asphyxiation. Can you identify them in time and eliminate the threat? Or will succumb to The Menace Among Us?


  • A 40 to 60-minute, asymmetrical card game for
    4-8 players, which features custom, shuffle-built, personal decks based on your Agenda and choice of Character.

  • Over 300 cards including 16 unique Characters and 10 Agendas.


  • A hidden agenda game that is far more focused
    on "how well you play" vs the meta-game of "how well you roleplay your innocence," resulting in a meatier, strategic game.


So sling your laser pistol and don’t trust anyone. They may be The Menace Among Us.

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