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If fights are gonna break out, it ought to be between gingerbread men - not players.
Hope this clears any grey areas up...


Last Update 9/5/09


1. C4reo: None of my counters has a 'BOOOM' on the back. What's up?

We goofed, plain and simple. You may have one of the first 150 games we had pre-shipped to Gencon. Either way, we printed a sticker to put on the back of one token and placed them in all the remaining boxes. If for some reason you didn't get one, just download the BOOOM Sticker from our webpage and glue it to the back of one of your tokens.


2. I played at Origins and you guys had events featuring real gingerbread men for status sheets and frosting gel to mark off damage on your cookie. Love biting off the limbs! Where did you get the cookies?

Little Debbie makes pre-packaged gingerbread men cookies and they are sold in the bakery aisle (not the cookie aisle) of your favorite grocer. The frosting (and decorator gel works best) can also be had at any grocer in baking supplies.

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