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Designer: Curt Covert
Brush Art: Chiyo Nagahara Romei 


Players: 1 and Up
Ages: 14 and Up


Playing Time: 15 minutes


12 Extra Large (3/4”) Designer Dice
1 Black cloth dice bag
1 Stacking board

11 'Smirky's Challenge' Bonus Cards


MSRP: $14.95
Product Identification Code: S&D 0060





What's the deal with the extra cards?
The nasty little surprise revealed.

The Dice Stacking Game of Pushing One's Luck, Wherein Wisdom May Be Gained. 


Steeped in Japanese folklore, SUTAKKU™ was originally developed to teach the common man the foibles of wishing for more than he had. In this quick-playing, push-your-luck dice game, you attempt to create the tallest stack of dice in order to gain the highest score per turn.

The general rule… Roll three dice and add two of them to an ever-climbing stack of dice.  You can choose to stop rolling and score your stacked dice at any time, but pushing your luck will net you more points if you succeed. Continue as long as you dare. But like the Stonecutter of legend, who was never satisfied, you may find yourself with naught, right back where you began. The wise will distinguish ambition from reaching beyond one’s means.

This simple, but addicting, dice game is beautifully crafted with classic Japanese design aesthetics and features stunning hand-inked brush art characters on premium engraved dice. These twelve dice are a hefty ¾” in size, perfect for stacking. Game also includes a cloth dice bag, stacking board and scorepad. AND NOW WITH 'SMIRKY'S CHALLENGE' BONUS DECK INSIDE for even more fun - at your buddy's expense! (it's not listed on the box, but it's in there)

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