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The whole experience has reinforced what we’ve always known:
that “games are more fun when you can stab a friend in the back”.


The Nasty Surprise in Every Box...


Yep. We literally stopped the presses to add a little something extra to our push-your-luck dice stacking game, SUTAKKU; a small deck of cards not listed in the contents, box or rules sheet.




Because we heard you. 


The game pre-released at Gencon 2011, where fans and reviewers alike first got a real look at it.
And the reaction was almost unanimous. “Where’s the ‘Smirk and Dagger’ in this Smirk and Dagger game?” Admittedly, it was a bit out of character for us – but we really liked the game as a perfect filler game you could take anywhere and share with anyone. We figured, as a push-your-luck game, it almost fit our design mantra in that it encourages ‘screwing yourself’, as opposed to our hallmark ‘screw your friends’ mechanics. But after Gencon, it was clear that our fans needed more – and who are we to disappoint? 


So we worked our butts off for

a solid month to craft this very

Smirky element to the game.

And in the end, I think you’ll

find this small, but devious,

little deck brings a smile of

pure malice to your face. Each

card makes an opponent's roll

far more difficult, but does carry

a risk if they meet the challenge.

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