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Out of print, but not forgotten...


Of course we still support these titles even though you won't be able to find them on the shelves of your favorite store. Got a question or comment about one of these games? Feel free to contact us here.

Every Second Counts.

Be quick to sustain and stabilize patients and rush them to the hospital. Manage your resources and upgrade your ambulance to save as many lives as possible. You only have seconds to act and the clock is against you. Try not to lose anyone today, rookie.


Beware the Black Spot!

A push-your-luck Pirate game of cunning thievery and ample turns of fortune. Draw loot from the bag and steal from the other pirates in order to gain the most valuable stash of treasure, but beware the Black Spot - for if you end the game with it in your stash, you automatically lose.


A Push Your Luck Dice Game.

Roll three dice and add two of them to an ever-climbing stack of dice.  You can choose to stop rolling and score your stacked dice at any time, but pushing your luck will net you more points if you succeed. Continue as long as you dare. Simple and addicting!


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