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Arrives May/June 2023

The Tesseract appeared in our skies six days ago. Together, our world’s best minds must find a way to contain and control the reactions of this extra-dimensional avatar, or its exponentially increasing destructive power will tear a hole in space-time and remove our world from existence.

The game features a cube of 64 dice, sitting on a rotating platform to examine all angles. Players will use three actions to manipulate the cubes; removing them from the Tesseract, adjusting their values, transferring them between labs and isolating them into the Containment matrix.

Allow too many breaches or remove the last cube from the Tesseract, and the game is lost. Fill the matrix with 24 cubes, one of each colored value, and you save our world.

"One of the most collaborative cooperative games ever."

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ADVENTURE PARTY delivers a robust role-playing experience that can be enjoyed within 2 minutes of explanation. In this cooperative guessing game, 3-6 players take the roles of adventurers in a classic fantasy role-playing world, facing monsters and attempting heroic deeds. 

Over the course of 3 Adventure scenarios, the party will work together and collectively attempt to score the most Experience Points possible.


Players will take turns, rolling their 20-sided die in secret. Based on how well or poorly they rolled, they will describe what their character does; first outlining their plans and then describing the outcome of their actions. The goal of which is to provide enough detail so that the GM can GUESS the number they rolled as closely as possible, earning the entire party Experience Points.

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