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Retailer Resources

This page is an ever-evolving resource center where you can sign up for a retailer account and download digital assets and resources to help sell and promote our games, including quick-start Demo Scripts, web banners and product images.

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Direct Accounts

Our games are carried through PSI and distributed with Alliance, ACD, PHD and GTS, as well as other international distributors. And we are happy to work directly with you as well.

We have very friendly terms:

  • 50% OFF MSRP

  • No need for full cases, we can pick n pack.

  • Always FREE SHIPPING on orders of at least $300 or more.

We typically invoice via PayPal, if your store uses a PayPal account for purchasing, or we can take credit card info.

To get started, email Curt Covert at and provide your name, the Store Name and Physical Address, preferred payment method and your contact info. And then, just let us know what we can get for you.


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Assets & Resources

We provide downloadable marketing kits for each of our titles. Product images, shelf talkers, web banners and some retail demo guides that outline how we overview the game when we pitch it to fans. Just click on the the support links below.

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Order Form & Catalog

You can download our most recent order form and catalog here. I try to keep these up-to-date, but they lag a bit and are updated around trade shows. That said, you can browse our website for all the latest games and just email us your game orders without the official order form.


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