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  • I'm a Retailer. Can I set up a direct account with you?
    Absolutely. While our games are available through PSI to Alliance, ACD and PHD (and others internationally), we are happy to work with you direct as well. Please contact Curt Covert at with your name, store name and physical location, and contact info and we will provide all the terms and details to get you started. Thank you!
  • I'd love to join your demo team. How do I do that?
    Our national demo team is part of ENVOY, where you can show off cool games like ours at retailers, game conventions and gaming groups earning points, prestige and swag through the Envoy program from game companies like ours. When you run events on behalf of Smirk & Dagger, you head out as an official Smirk & Dagger Instigator, fully trained in our games and mantra, and mentored by ENVOY to make braving conventions and game store visits less daunting. Contact Avonelle Wing at Smirk & Dagger hosts a booth at several major conventions a year. Our crew is a very dedicated bunch of passionate people who go above and beyond to bring the Smirk & Dagger experience to the fans. Contact Curt Covert at for details.
  • Do you accept game design submissions?
    Yes! We would love to see what you've been working on. Games should be throughly play tested, and already causing players to spontaneously ask you "when can I get this?" When that starts happening regularly, that is when we want to take a look. You can contact Curt Covert at with a brief overview. A link to a video or sell sheet is also very helpful. We hope to chat with you soon.
  • I have missing or damaged parts. How can I get replacements?
    Contact Jon Haight at or at
  • Is Curt Covert your real name?
    Hahahaha. Yes. I get asked that question more than you think. It sounds like a spy name or something out of the Marvel Universe (Peter Parker, Reed Richards) - but it was the name my parents gave me. Game on!
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