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boop the Halls!

The hoomans are hanging ornaments on the highest boughs of the tree, but those clever cats are leaping up and boopin' them right off. You can win "nice" by lining up three cats or "naughty" by knocking off three of your opponent's ornaments!


A limited seasonal edition of our Mensa award-winning, Game of the Year, boop, is back with a new holiday edition that has really leveled up the gameplay.


  • 4-tiered game board 'tree' presents a surprisingly mind-bending 3D challenge
  • Features 32 beautifully painted cats and kittens, dressed for the season, and 6 ornaments to knock off the tree, posing a whole new strategic problem to solve
  • Alternate win conditions, dimensional board layout, and fun new cat meeples make this a unique experience & a must have!


Players: 2

Ages: 10 and up

Time: 30 Minutes

boop the Halls!

SKU: SND 1022
Out of Stock
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