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HIFI: The Meeples Are BACK in this Strategic, Tactical Puzzle Game

The Meeples Are Back! In 1973, the internationally renowned band, The Meeples, stunned the world by breaking up during the recording of their highly anticipated album, HIFI. Only the “A” side of the album was ever released - but now The Meeples have reunited and YOU are the producers charged with recording the “B” side of this long-awaited masterpiece. 


So get into the studio and strategically place audio cards on the song tracks to earn points, achieve objectives and gain bonus actions. Tactics can turn on the fly as opponents remix the board for their own goals leaving you to rethink your strategy. In the end, whoever accumulates the most points will be hailed as the greatest producer in music history. 


Produced in partnership with GROK GAMES, Brazil 


• Box becomes a rotating turntable, which functions as the Action Selector for the game.  

• Stunning graphics and amazing table presence stop traffic and draw players in. 

• Pattern matching, tactical puzzle game that isn’t over until all the final recording bonuses are awarded. 


Contents: 1 Studio board, 40 equalizer knobs, score & round markers, 60 audio cards, 35 objective cards, score board and vinyl action selector board. 


Players: 1–4 

Ages 14 and Up 

Time 50 min 

HIFI: The Meeples Are BACK in this Strategic, Tactical Puzzle Game

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