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A timeless, elegant two-player strategy game.


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SKU: SND 1005
  • Beautifully Challenging

    SHOBU is a beautifully crafted abstract strategy game for two players.

    ​On your turn:

    1. ​Move one of your stones up to two spaces in any direction, including diagonally.
    2. ​Match that move with another of your stones on the opposite color board – and push an opponent’s stone off the board's edge.
    3. ​Remove all four of your opponent's stones from any ONE board to win.

    SHOBU is made of beautiful, natural elements, wood boards, a cotton rope divider and tumbled river stones as playing pieces, giving it incredible table appeal. Instantly familiar, yet wholly unique unto its own, SHOBU feels like a game that has stood the test of time. The rules are amazingly simple and can be learned in moments, yet halfway through your first game, you realize the game has a depth and spatial challenge similar to 3-D chess. Simply brilliant.

    Game Design: Manolis Vranas,
    Jamie Sajdak

    Photography: Carolyn Taylor

    Players: 2

    Ages 8 and Up

    Time 20 - 30 min

    Bookland ISBN: 978-0-9746461-5-2 

    Size: 9.5” x 7” x 2” two-piece box


    (4) 5 1/2” etched wood game boards

    (16) Black polished river stones

    (16) White polished river stones

    (1) cotton dividing rope